Summer in Iwaki (Yotsukura Sea)

DATE 2018-7-24

The past Monday 16 (July), Japan celebrated the Day of the Sea (Third Monday of July) and because of that we decided to go with some friends of university to the beach. Iwaki is a coastline city so the amount of options to enjoy the sun and the sea are plenty, especially in these hot summer days. We decided to go to Yotsukura, one of the most popular beaches for the locals which is located around 10 min by train from Iwaki Station.
Yotsukura beach has an spacious free parking lot and a big restaurant/recreation center, as well as convinience stores close to the beach; also after the events of 2011, one can find retaining concrete walls in case of a tsunami.
On that day a surf contest was taken place in the beach and since it was an special occasion, many food trucks and stalls could be seen in the shoreline, offering their products to the visitors watching the competition or to the ones relaxing in the cold Waters of the Pacific Ocean.
To the people spending their summer after a day getting vitamin D, the beach waved goodbye with a small souvenir from the sea: seashells and conches that one could grab for free from a stall.
If one would like to survive the intense heat of Japanese summer, nothing better than staying hydrated and enjoy some time in the beach!