On October 25 ~ 2021

DATE 2022-2-22

Our Global Network+ members went to Hakusui Amidado, Iwaki FC Park, Hamburger Lettuce, Sunshine Seagull and Kauai Cafe.
Hakusui Amida-do Hall is the only national treasure building in Fukushima Prefecture . When autumn comes, the scenery of Hakusui Amida-do Hall surrounded by autumn leaves 🍁

And with beautiful nature.
Our next trip to the “Bicycle Dissemination and Exchange Base. Operated by the Iwaki Sports Cycle Tourism Council, which will open soon on the first floor of Iwaki FC Park. To being in there where you can enjoy, rejoice, and through bicycles, connect people with the community , generation, people with disabilities and healthy people can shine.”community space” where various cyclists gather and relax, and by holding various workshops, sprinkling events, etc.,

We were at hamburger lettuce around noon. The flavor is amazing with special secret sauce, patties overflowing with gravy, custom-made buns, and fresh vegetables.

Next trip to ride the newly launched Sunshine Seagull . Boarding course that takes about 50 minutes from Onahama Port, you can even listen to the audio guide and enjoy the beautiful sea of Iwaki.

After couple hours we went to Kauai Cafe for a snack . There You can taste pancakes and Hamburgers and local foods at Hawaiian cafe. If you want to feel the Hawaiian atmosphere, please come