DATE 2018-7-10


The past Wednesday June 27, we went on a small trip to probably one of the most important places in Iwaki, The Onahama Aquarium that goes by the name Aquamarine Fukushima. This aquarium has in exhibition 15 areas including a restaurant and a Souvenir Shop.
In the first area we can find what would be consider the prehistoric animales, being proof of evolution in the species or rather the long time that these animals have wander in the Earth, that the case of fishes such as jellyfish or the sturion. The second area is set in the Coasts of Fukushima, presenting the diversity of fishes and animals in beautifully decorated tanks. Next one can find the sea mammals, tropical fishes and coral reef fishes. After those areas we reach what’s most likely the most recognizable part of the Aquarium, a triangular structure that divides two tanks symbolizing the 2 currents that washes the coasts of Japan, these are called Kuroshio and Oyashio. This coincidence surprise me a lot because of the similarity with my home country Peru, where we also have two currents, El Niño and Humboldt that washes our coasts. These two opposing currents makes the sea of Peru and Japan extremely rich with abundance of fishes. After going past the restaurant, where you can actually fish in an artificial pond what you want to eat, we make it to the last part of the exhibition, The Caelacanth, fish that lived in the period of the dinosaurs about 400 million years ago.
The Aquamarine Fukushima is a really complete aquarium. It is a place where you would almost certainly find a fish that one would not imagine it would exist, and for the price of 1800 yen, that’s definitely worth it!