Furutakiya Ryokan (Japanese style hotel)

DATE 2019-7-21

(English  version)
We, Global Network + (information transmission team), had an accommodation experience of 1 night 2 days at an inn [Furutakiya] in Iwaki Yumoto Onsen.
Iwaki Yumoto Onsen is a famous hot spring, located two stations south of Iwaki Station.
On the day of the experience staff members came to pick up .It was about 30 minutes.
At the inn, the president of Furutakiya welcomed us warmly. After self introducing, I asked the president about the details of the inn. The president explained about the “withdrawal sink” in particular details, which is also a feature of Yumoto Onsen. “Kake Nagashi” is one of the methods of hot water supply and drainage methods for hot spring baths. Hot spring water pumped out naturally from the ground (Natural outpouring), and injected to hot spring water after drilling (Drilling self-injection), from the underground hot water spring. It is to supply the hot spring water (Drilling power hot water) which was pumped up mechanically to the bathtub directly, and to discharge the hot water which has overflowed from the bathtub. In other words, the hot spring here is the highest quality hot spring and the amount of water is abundant.
After that, we went to the 9th floor and observed an open-air bath called “Tenmyo no Aami” for women only. The open-air bath offers a wonderful view of the town of Yumoto. It was one of the best views.
But there are also things to be cautioned . There is no washroom in the open-air bath, so it is to use open-air bath first we need to wash the body on the 4th floor washroom before using it.
There is also a private hot spring called “Tsuki-Machi no Yu” on the 9th floor. It is a reserved open-air bath for guests who are not good at entering a hot spring with everyone. I thought this was very useful.
The president also introduced the shrine next to the inn.
Next, we visited various rooms of the inn. The most impressive room is a room that can accommodate up to 7 people, although it is a bit small. It is a room limited to junior high school students or less who can stay for 2000 yen per person. I think this is a room suitable for children’s training camps. The other rooms were very clean and comfortable, and they were all great rooms. On top of that, I felt that the room charge was a great deal for one person on weekdays at 7700 yen per person only.
After that, I had a check-in work experience, a discussion with the chef about the Japanese food culture, and an experience of serving. As it was the first time for all of us, I was a little nervous, but I learned the importance of customer service and had a valuable experience.
We had dinner at around 6:30. It was a very luxurious dinner. The traditional Japanese food were all wonderful in looks as well as tasteful such as sashimi, shabu-shabu, tempura,etc., as well as desserts.
After eating, it was free time. Because there is a table tennis court in the inn, we went together and had lots of fun playing table tennis.
The next day’s breakfast was also very luxurious and testy.
After eating, we had the “Furoshiki Experience”. Of course it is also our first time to study “Furoshiki”. I learned various ways of wrapping from the teacher and I understood the convenience of Furoshiki. We were very happy.
There is also a calligraphy teacher who wrote our name on the card and make our names in kanji. Everyone was very moved.
The two-day onsen ryokan experience was a wonderful memories. We studied a lot of new things. I am really thankful for your warm hospitality.
Everyone, “Furutakiya” hot spring is a wonderful place. If you ever visit Iwaki I highly recommend to stay at Furutakiya.

Iwaki Yumoto Onsen Furutakiya


(Japanese version)

私たちGlobal Network+(情報発信チーム)は、いわき湯本温泉にある旅館【古滝屋】で1泊2日の宿泊体験をさせていただきました。

いわき湯本温泉 古滝屋