Around Iwaki city (Sasaki Cutlery Store)


On March 10, we, the members of Global Network Plus, walked around Iwaki city along with teacher .
First, I went to Sasaki Cutlery Store, which was founded in Taisho 15 near Iwaki Station. We had the shopkeeper tell us about the kitchen knife. I found that there are various kind of knives in Japan like knife for cutting fish, knife for peeling vegetables, and knifes for various purposes in Japan.
Next, he taught us how to sharpen the knife.
I also asked many questions about the differences between swords and Japanese knives and he was kindly taught me everything that I wanna know. (I have always been interested in Japanese katana from a long time )
In Japan during the Azuchi-Momoyama period, swords were prohibited using by the common people other than samurai by Hideyoshi’s also known as “Katana Kairi” means sword hunting. After that, the blacksmith that were making swords started making kitchen knives using their skills. For this reason, Japanese knives are excellent and beautiful. There are many varieties and various options for each purpose. In addition, the store also sold a variety of products, such as scissors, nail clippers, and daily necessities.

Next, we went to see “Dawn Market”. The Dawn Market is an area created by restaurant owners who can no longer continue their business after the Great East Japan Earthquake of 2011 and entrepreneurs who want to revive Iwaki with hope for recovery. It’s a good atmosphere with lots of izakaya and European style restaurants, so I wanted to go and drink on a summer evening. Also, the atmosphere was very good, so I thought it was a good place to shoot movies and take pictures of memories.